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Terms & Conditions


Any use of the Café for a function must not interfere with normal café business or any other event we have undertaken. Management reserves the right to refuse any booking at its discretion. The premises must not be used by a third party without receiving prior written permission.


A standard Venue Service Fee of $450.00 per function applies. In the event that hire charges are not paid by the due date, all bookings made may be cancelled with immediate effect. Subsequent payment by the client does not guarantee the reinstatement of cancelled bookings. If the client fails to observe any condition as mentioned here, management is at liberty to cancel the function forthwith and shall not be obliged to refund any portion of charges already paid.


We understand the decision process in selecting a function venue so we are happy to hold a tentative booking for fourteen (14) days without obligation. However if the event is not confirmed by you within this time frame, we do reserve the right to release the space without notice.


A booking is formally confirmed upon receipt of a signed Function Reservation form and a $450 non refundable deposit.


Postponement of Event: Should you need to postpone your event but are still holding the event at Cafe1928, the deposit will be transferred to the new date (subject to availability). If the cafe is unavailable for your revisited date, a partial or full refund will be made at the management discretion.

Cancellation of Event: Notice of cancellation received:

• 30 days and beyond from date of event will lose deposit paid

• 6 – 3 days date of the event will be charged 25% of total cost of function

• 2 days date of the event will be charged 50% of total cost of function

• Within 2 days of event will be charged 75% of total function

Cancellation by the Café:

We reserve the right to cancel the booking or reservation in the event of the client failing to perform any of the obligations contained within this contract of terms and conditions. If for any reason beyond our control, but not limited to strike, labour dispute, accident, act of war, act of God, fire, flood or other emergency condition, we are unable to perform our obligation under this Agreement, such non-performance is excused and the Cafe may terminate this Agreement without further liability of any nature, upon return of the client’s deposit. In no event shall the Cafe be liable for consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever.


If catering has been organised by the Cafe on behalf of the client, the client agrees to confirm to management in writing (by post or email) the final numbers attending by no later than midday five working days prior to the function date. If numbers are not confirmed by this time the Cafe reserves the right to charge the original estimate of numbers attending or the actual numbers attending, whichever is higher. It is not always possible to cater for an unexpected increase in the numbers of guests attending at short notice.


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